Worthington Fire District
The Worthington Fire District serves approximately 60% of the potable water to the residents of the town of Worthington. We have three commissioners who take care of the financial responsibilities of the water district. They meet monthly on the third Tuesday of the month. If you wish to meet with the Commissioners, please call John Sullivan, Clerk,  at 413-238-5344 to schedule you adequate time for your issue. There are three Commissioners available to speak with at any time regarding issues of the water department. Below is a list of the Commissioners and their respective duties.

​​Stephen Schulze is the Treasurer and can be reached at 413-238-5974 during working hours and 413-238-5344 at his home. He will be available to confer with you on any financial question and available in an emergency.

John Sullivan is the Water Operator in charge of the daily operation of the water system. He can be reached at 413-238-5344 and on his cell phone at 413-575-2457. He would be the first call in event of an emergency.

Joseph Shaw III is a Commissioner and second water operator. Call 413-961-9236 day or night

The Worthington Fire District held their annual meeting 7:30 PM Wednesday June 23, 2022 at the Town Hall. We informed all water users of the various upgrades as well as any increase in water rates for the coming year.

Please take the time to join us for a very informative meeting next June 28, 2023

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